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Medicare and medicaid certified medical alarm

Medical Alert BRACELET

Every medical alert system package from Life Assist USA includes one FREE medical alert bracelet and kit. Each medical alert system kit includes wristband, belt clip, pendant, and velcro strap. Additional medical bracelets can be purchased separately from Life Assist USA. For rental or purchase.
medical alarm alert bracelet

Medical Alarm Bracelet

This transmitter, Model DXS-62A, is a battery powered, miniature, water-resistant, supervised transmitter designed for use in emergency applications with your medical alarm system, the PERS-2400A. Pressing the button on the transmitter sends a digital coded wireless signal to the medical alert unit. Supplied with a pendant, velcro strap, wristband, belt clip, or pocket clip configurations. Each transmitter is factory set to a unique code, so no field coding is required for your new medical alert system bracelet!

Medical alarms save lives!

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medical alarms save lives