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Hear from our clients about how great our Medical Alarm Services are!

"I want to tell you about my experience with my alert. I got up and went to the bathroom, just got inside my bedroom door and passed out. When I came to I knew I was on the floor, I couldn't get up so I pushed my alert and told you I was on the floor, help was here in a few minutes and my daughter and son-in-law. I was bleeding, if I hadn't used my Life Assist USA alert I don't think that I would be here today. I am so thankful for your service."

Edith G.

"You were there when my husband needed you and promptly. I cannot thank you enough for your service."

Barbara Z.

"Your installer was a nice, patient young man. And, very good looking I might add. If I was younger you know.........."

Donna J.

"Life Assist USA is like having a best friend, only better. Best friends can abandon you because they are human. Life Assist USA will never, ever, ever abandon me. In the past I have pushed my button to have someone to talk to and I have a friend to talk to. I have also pushed my button by accident and the Life Assist USA representative has always been very friendly. I would recommend Life Assist USA to everyone."

Kathleen R.

"Thank you, Randy and James, for all you did to help us. Sudden life changes are so stressful to deal with yet you calmed us down and gave us hope. You were very patient and professional. Your service was great and you went out of your way to get the Life Assist USA system to us so quickly."

Jan L. & Bette B. (daughters of client)

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful service! I will never forget the speedy response I received."

Helen F.

"I want to say how much I appreciate the Life Assist USA system. I recently fell down the stairs and seriously injured myself. I did not break any bones but had a great deal of blood loss. I am sure without the personal alert alarm system I would be dead or in a nursing home. Everyone who answers is so friendly and helpful. I sure appreciate them being there for me day and night. Thank you very, very much!"

Lillian M.

"My husband and I have had the Life Assist USA system in our home for two years. My husband has dementia and cannot dial 911. I have fallen several times and I used the personal help button on several occasions and got an immediate response. I am very happy with both the way the system works and the courteous staff."

Thelma L.

"Having the Life Assist USA wrist band made my client feel very secure. She fell outside on a 90 degree July day and the system likely saved her life."

Paula G.

"Early Sunday morning at 12:25 am my wife and I were in bed when we received a call from Life Assist USA. The caller said Dorothy had pressed her personal help button and it was hard to hear her, and to please check on her. We live 5 miles out of town; we got dressed and went to Dorothy's house. We found her outside her home at about 1:00am. She was wet and cold; we wrapped her in a blanket and called 911. If you didn't call us, I don't think Dorothy would be here. Thank you!"


"Velma's family would like to thank those at Life Assist USA for all the help you gave our mother. Your quick response was vital in helping her out. It would have been a different scenario if she wouldn't have had her alert. We are very thankful that she is home and fully recovered from her fall."

Judy L.

"My Mom was on the farm alone with the Life Assist USA system for about 1 month after our Dad's death. She became short of breath and knew to press the button on her necklace. The ambulance and EMT's were at her side in less than 15 minutes to get her the care she needed. Unfortunately they could not dissolve the blood clots fast enough and she passed away 36 hours later in the hospital. I was 1300 miles away but relieved she got the care she needed when she needed it so I didn't have to worry about her being alone."

Greg K.

"Having the Life Assist USA system in our home saved my wife's life more than once. It also allowed me to stay at her side until help arrived rather than go to another room for a phone. Thanks again."

George G.

"On Friday evening someone tried to break into my house at 2:30 am. I used my Life Assist USA system to get help and the police came right away. I am so glad I had your system, thank you!"

-Edna B.

"Our Mother has lived alone for the past 31 years, having been widowed at a young age and her living to the age of 94. At first she resisted using the Life Assist USA system but came to appreciate having it after several incidents with chest pains and breathing difficulties. It was a life saver for her and peace of mind for her children."

-Mary K.

"All the Life Assist USA representatives were very helpful, thorough, courteous and competent in our dealings. Thank you."

-Karen H.

"Thank you so much for the Life Assist USA system. My brother was a diabetic who was home alone during the day. It gave our family great comfort to know that he was able to use the Life Assist USA system if needed. He would often have spells with his diabetes and he knew he could use the system if he needed help. He was also wheelchair bound (a double amputee) and having the personal help button on his wrist was so helpful, as he did have incidents where he fell out of his chair. Thanks again for this service, it is very user friendly and definitely a life saver."

-Vickie Z.

"Your medication dispensing system has proven to be a wonderful solution for medication compliance for our member. With weekly medication set up and the use of your Med Machine, our member is now safely and accurately able to take her four times a day dosing of her multiple medications in the most independent manner possible for her. Your system has proven to be instrumental in helping her achieve her outcome to continue to live in her own apartment. It is reassuring to me to know that your system is an available tool for future members."


"I want to thank you folks for your great service and also your patience. You are appreciated!"


"I would like to thank the staff at Life Assist USA. You all did a great job getting help to my Mom when she needed it. I think we would have lost her if it were not for your quick response in getting the ambulance on the scene. Thank you and your staff."

-Thomas O.

"I never thought I would need to use my Life Assist system but got it as a precaution and one week to the day after I got it I fell. I pressed the button and couldn't believe how quickly and how much help arrived at my home. I ended up shattering my hip and was in the hospital and rehab for 55 days. I am now back in my home and my Dr's said that I was lucky I had the Life Assist system, if I didn't I may not be alive and certainly not back home already. Thank you Life Assist USA! "

-Rose C.

"The Life Assist USA system not only provided my father with piece of mind but it made life much easier for me knowing that he was not laying someplace unable to get up. If we went away for the weekend we enjoyed ourselves much more. "

-Larry W.

"I have had Life Assist USA for a number of years and never had to use it up until a month ago. I fell in the bathroom and could not get up. I pushed the button and got a response right away. I was glad to hear their voice and they got me the help I needed, fast."

-Dorothy P.

"I am so glad I had my Life Assist System when I fell, I pressed my button and everything worked the way it was supposed to. Thank you Life Assist USA! "

-William H.

"The Life Assist USA system gave Mom peace of mind to wear the bracelet, we were also more at ease, granting her all the independence she wished for until the last day of her life."

-Judith S.

"Thank you Life Assist USA for your courteous employees, efficient service and reasonable prices. I live a significant distance from my father and Life Assist USA provided me "peace of mind" knowing my father could get immediate assistance and a friendly voice with the push of a button. The company was easy to deal with from the first office call to the quick installation. I would recommend any son or daughter that has a parent living alone, call the friendly employees at Life Assist USA to protect your loved one and obtain some "peace of mind".

-Janelle W.

medical alarm
Medicare and medicaid certified medical alarm


The freedom to go anywhere with confidence, MobileCare GPS locator portable tracking devices combine latest communication technology in personal location devices.

  • MobileCare brings safety to everyday living. Designed to break through the confines of traditional home-bound monitoring, MobileCare is a complete service that includes a discrete, wearable device to provide highly sophisticated fall detection capabilities for Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS), GPS-tracking & locating, and two-way automated hands-free communication from virtually anywhere via cellular networks. The device connects directly to Life Assist USA for instant assistance whenever and wherever needed working on AT&T's nationwide cellular network.
  • The simple design houses advanced safety and health monitoring technologies
  • Light and small, the device can be worn as a pendent or clipped to a belt
  • Technology and Services that redefine Independent Aging
  • Mobile assistance, guidance and PERS
  • Adaptive, multi-sensor fall detection
  • Turnkey call center response services
  • Mobile medication reminders Activity & location monitoring
  • Vital signs monitoring through external sensors

MobileCare is a discrete care support system that goes everywhere, all the time.

If you are considering a traditional medical alert system for yourself or someone you love, there are some things you should know before you buy:

  1. Limited Protection Outside the Home: Traditional medical alert systems use a speakerphone base unit and an activator to call for help. If an emergency occurs too far from the speakerphone, the base unit will not receive any emergency signal and the system will not activate.
  2. No protection for Wandering Users: Traditional medical alert systems do not store the location of their users and cannot assist them if they are lost or wandering.
  3. Protection Virtually Everywhere: The MobileCare is includes wide area cellular connectivity combined with an ultra-accurate GPS Location System. Users are completely protected wherever compatible cell service exists. Worn as a watch or a pendant, it's activated with the simple push of a button.
  4. Find Your Bearings: MobileCare can locate lost users, orient them to their surroundings, and get them home safely. No other medical alert system can.